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Dec 2, 2015

The Adventure of Giving Feathers and Building Wings instead of Anchors

Diana and Becky discuss how learning life skills adds feathers to your wings that help you soar, regardless of your age.

  • The Myth of “I’ll pay someone to…”
  • Building skills increases self confidence.
  • Anchors keep you stuck in one place.
  • Throughout your youth people add feathers to your wings when they teach you new skills.
  • As an adult you get to choose what feathers to add.
  • Anchors = Expectations of an end result.
  • Anchors = Assumptions about your ability to grow.
  • Anchors = dependence on others for basic necessities of life (cooking, laundry, communication).

Stamp of Brilliance

Anchors keep you stuck right where you are. Adding feathers to your wings makes your wings stronger and helps you soar!