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Mar 21, 2016


Becky and Diana discuss the importance of understanding your unique personality. They also talk about tools to help you develop a deeper understanding and new ways of describing yourself.


  • P4 = Personality, Preferences, Proficiencies, & Passion. P to the 4th power!
  • Diana created P4 because knowing these 4 things...

Mar 14, 2016

Becky and Diana discuss the pitfalls and values of always looking for a new and better ways to do things.

  • Have you ever been caught up in someone else’s idea of “The Right Way” to do something?
  • Have you learned to trust your own “Right Way?”
  • Learning new things is valuable, as long as you can still hear and...

Mar 7, 2016

Episode 019: The Name Game Adventure 

Becky and Diana discuss the frustration of assigning a single name to the differences Uniquely Brilliant people experience because of the way their brains are wired.


  • It is hard to find a single name that accurately describes all the different versions of Uniquely Brilliant minds...