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Jun 25, 2017

Becky and Diana explore the correlation between being open to different options and our ability to move through tough situations. 

  • Leaving room to find other options is the true test of a growth mindset.
  • When considering other options we need to focus on what we want to accomplish the most.
  • Being immersed in a...

Jun 19, 2017

Becky and Diana discuss how taking vacations improves our body, mind, soul, and even our productivity! 

  • We like to believe we are irreplaceable.
  • When we are drained we cannot serve our constituents as a whole person.
  • We live in a society that believes every moment must be filled with activity.
  • We have to carve out the...

Jun 13, 2017

Becky and Diana discuss the perils and pitfalls of not trusting what you know.

  • At some point we have to stop learning and start doing.
  • We can fill our heads with so much information that there’s no room for a solution to appear.
  • Sometimes just making a decision, whether it’s right or wrong, allows us to...

Jun 5, 2017

Becky and Diana navigate the sticky subject of money. 

  • There are a lot of social taboos around money.
  • Rules about talking about money change constantly.
  • When we are dismissive of money we are disrespecting it.
  • Money is often a major stressor.
  • How do we talk about money ourselves?
  • Do we talk about money? Do we talk...