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Feb 19, 2021

How do you make plans when no one knows?

  • We recorded this in May. It’s interesting/sad how the things we talked about still apply in February.
  • Diana says she has had a hard time lately because she had planned on a lot of travel and connecting during this time in her life. She has been forced to reimagine her life and...

Feb 9, 2021

  • Becky Berry and Diana Bader talk about how prolonged isolation doesn’t work for anyone.
  • Diana begins this episode by talking about Harry Harlow’s experiments with monkeys that proved everyone needs comfort, and without human contact, we fail to thrive. 
  • They also discuss the problem with texting: it’s just not...

Feb 2, 2021

  • Nature, mindset, kids. It’s all covered in this episode.
  • Choosing to make it work is a daily choice. We can choose to make it work five or six times a day.
  • Even with friends, making it work is different now. By using FaceTime and Zoom for face-to-face calls, we can make it work.
  • magazine did an article about why Zoom...