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Apr 30, 2017

In the 3rd and final part of their series on innovation, Becky and Diana talk about incremental innovation. 

  • Incremental innovation is the art of tweaking.
  • When we have Uniquely Brilliant minds, we’re naturally inclined to innovative thinking.
  • Businesses are looking for people who can improve upon things without...

Apr 22, 2017

In the second installment of their innovation series, Becky Berry and Diana Bader consider End User Innovation. 

  • End user innovation creates something that fills an unidentified and unmet need.
  • End user innovation can happen in the heat of the moment using the resources at hand to make what we need.
  • Tenacity is a...

Apr 10, 2017

Becky and Diana begin a three part series on innovation beginning with disruptive innovation. 

  • Uniquely Brilliant people are always innovative.
  • Disruptive innovation attacks the traditional way of looking at and doing things.
  • Collecting data around the problem we’re solving makes our innovations more effective.

Apr 2, 2017

Becky and Diana discuss what it is like to be stuck and what to do about it. 

  • We stay stuck because we are numb to the pain we’re in.
  • When we’re first stuck, we thrash around and fight it. But if nothing changes we give up.
  • We stay stuck when we lack the imagination and trust to believe there’s another way out or...