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Feb 15, 2017

 Becky and Diana discuss the value of asking for help and giving help. 

  • When you take on a role sometimes it’s hard to let it go even when you don’t like it. It can be the same way with asking for help.
  • Micro managing happens when someone needs to take on all the roles in a project.
  • It’s hard to share and ask for help when you don’t have a model.
  • Helping and sharing tasks is a core attribute of animals, including people. It’s a key to survival.
  • People may want to help but don’t know how.
  • Figure out a way to let them help.
  • Feeling safe in a relationship is a key to asking for help.
  • Asking for help shows respect for the person you are asking.
  • Asking someone for help gives them the opportunity to meaningfully engage with you.
  • When you need help, it’s not always easy to see the bridge that can connect you with the help.
  • It’s great if you can identify what you want before you ask for help.