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Mar 31, 2021

Becky Berry and Diana Bader talk about the critical importance of honoring our energy.

Diana discusses the many issues she's had to deal with over the last year and how her expectations weren't met when she moved back to her hometown. All of these things have affected the energy level she can bring to her life.

Becky and Diana are trying to figure out if they are tired because of the seasons changing or if they are just tired.

Diana is mulling over whether her issues are physical or caused my emotional stress. She goes into detail about her timeline of events that led her to moving and the intricacies of being emotionally done with everything. She speaks of having to finally “put down her sword.”

Diana shares how humor is one of the ways she gets replenished and they both relive a story and memory where they used humor to diffuse a rough situation.

As Becky puts it, they have both become adept at grabbing the things that restore their energy.

Diana talks about how she is focusing on building her community. She reminds us that laughter is great but it’s not as effective if you’re laughing alone.

In short, we can only honor our energy when we’re also honoring our values and enforcing our boundaries.

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