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Dec 21, 2017


Becky and Diana talk about the critical importance of managing our energy, especially around the holidays. 

  • We have to prepare ourselves for events and manage our energy accordingly.
  • To operate at peak energy, we need to check our energy levels over the course of an event.
  • We can leave an event or take a break if we feel our energy waning.
  • It’s critical to find ways to replenish our energy that honors our energy profile and personality.
  • Before we attend an event, we can check the language of the invitation for clues about the kind of energy we can expect from the event.
  • Visualization is a great tool to protect ourselves from unwanted energy sucks.
  • It’s critical to know how to take care of ourselves, then do it.
  • After attending a bad event (an energy suck), we can release any negative by writing about it or talking to a friend.