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Dec 8, 2017


Becky and Diana discuss the feelings and emotions of feeling beat-up and reveal strategies for coping with those feelings. 

  • Triggers can bring forgotten and buried things to the surface of our minds and force us to deal with them.
  • Managing multiple expectations can leave us feeling exhausted.
  • It is important to choose our battles.
  • The Lack mindset and the Victim mentality go hand in hand.
  • When we push through difficult things quickly instead of dealing with them, they will pop up again, maybe even in different ways.
  • We have to go inside ourselves and slow down and deal with the yucky stuff.
  • To thrive, we must learn to identify triggers that can pop up and leave us feeling beat-up.
  • Mind/body connected activities, like yoga, help us make internal connections that heal our beat-up places.