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Jul 27, 2017

Becky Berry and Diana Bader discuss the concept of Essentialism. 

  • Our modern concept of Essentialism is based on the book, Essentialism, by Greg McKeown.
  • We tend to believe we have to do it all; that it’s wrong to delegate or even drop tasks.
  • We can ask ourselves is, “Am I the best choice to do what needs to be done in this situation?”
  • When other people are actually the priority (like kids, partners (at home or at work), or employees), it’s crucial to get their input about what makes them feel like they are a priority.
  • When we know our priorities, it becomes easier to delegate or let go of things that don’t honor them.
  • We do our best when we focus on what we do best.
  • Just because we can do more doesn't mean we should.
  • Being busy does not equal being productive.
  • We can filter opportunities through the Essentialism lens and choose the best ones for us.
  • When our priorities are respected we feel valued.