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Jul 2, 2017

Becky and Diana challenge us all to stop the incredibly destructive habit of comparing ourselves to others. 

  • There are so many shoulds to sort through!
  • Often our comparisons are fleeting thoughts that have a big impact.
  • We must trust ourselves and affirm that we know what to do.
  • Comparison keeps us focused outwardly instead of on ourselves.
  • When we compare ourselves to others we limit who we are.
  • To be our best selves we have to declare, “I know/ am enough to take action!”
  • Key questions: Where am I right now? How am I feeling? Am I uncomfortable because I’m stretching or does it just feel wrong?
  • When we are grateful for our journey we can trust and act.
  • There is no room for growth or progress when we are stuck in comparison mode.