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Sep 26, 2016


Becky and Diana discuss “The Resistance” and its forms and functions.

  • Resistance = the things that try to stop you from forward progress.
  • Fighting through resistance requires you to move past your comfort zone.
  • There are two types of resistance, internal and external.
  • Internal resistance includes all of that inner dialogue, including the “shoulds” that we’ve been told and advice from “experts.”
  • The Resistance makes you stronger, because every time you push through it you recommit to your plan.
  • External resistance comes from the bumps in the road of life.
  • External resistance becomes a bigger problem when we attach expectations to our outcomes.
  • Resistance can be an opportunity to stop, reassess, and go after our goal from a different angle.
  • Upper Limit problems may require picking apart the resistance, piece by piece when you realize going around it or through it isn’t working.
  • Identify the resistance and you can identify a strategy to deal with it.