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Sep 5, 2016

Becky and Diana challenge you to think of something you really want and ask yourself, “If not now, when?

  • Your personality style has a lot to do with when you choose to take action.
  • The action style for the four personality styles include:
    • When is Right Now
    • When is better with a friend
    • When is soon
    • When is when it’s right.
  • There can be versions of your end goal. It’s not all or nothing from the beginning.
  • Complimentary personality styles make great accountability partners.
  • When doesn't have to be the end game, it can be the first taste of your goal that motivates you to keep going forward.
  • Demystify objections. Ask yourself, “Is this really a problem?”
  • Get to the root of your objection to Now.
  • Just admitting you want something different is a start.

Stamp of Brilliance

When is a continuum