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May 30, 2016

Becky and Diana talk about how assessments can be used to help you develop and grow your self-understanding.

  • All assessments – even the goofy ones on Facebook - reveal something about us.
  • With each assessment we can gain insights into ourselves including
    • a new perspective
    • new language to describe ourselves
    • new insights into how we work.
  • Assessments can also validate what we already know about ourselves.
  • The ability to talk about who you are and what you are about at work is the secret to success.
  • Assessments can also help you understand how other people perceive you.
  • When you’ve been through a major trauma, your assessment results might not be as accurate as you’d expect.
  • Sometimes assessments can just be plain wrong. When you take an assessment and you don’t agree with the results, you don’t have to accept them.
  • Assessments aren’t the final word on who we are. They can be
    • a starting place for self-exploration or
    • a way to move forward when you’re stuck.

Stamp of Brilliance

Being able to describe yourself and what you do is critical to your success – both at work and in the world at large. Assessments can help you figure out new ways to write and talk about yourself.