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May 23, 2016

Becky and Diana explore the need for routines and systems.

  • Routines can often feel like you are locked into something, and if you can’t stick to it, even temporarily, it can seem like failure.
  • A better way to look at a routine is as a fence with a gate. There are boundaries, but there is a way out for when you need flexibility.
  • A routine is easier to keep when paired with a trigger.
  • Routines rely on circumstances. Systems are more flexible, and act as safety nets.
  • The fence posts of routine are constructed from your priorities.
  • Systems are processes we put in place to create order.
  • When you become overly attached to your routine, you may come to believe that your success depends on it.
  • If you are attached to your routine and circumstances change to disrupt it, it can be scary and unsettling for many people.
  • Have a system in place that accounts for when disruptions of your routines happen.
  • The key to your system begins by not reacting when your routine is disrupted.

 Stamp of Brilliance

Routines & Systems will not work unless they honor your personality and priorities.