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Mar 21, 2016


Becky and Diana discuss the importance of understanding your unique personality. They also talk about tools to help you develop a deeper understanding and new ways of describing yourself.


  • P4 = Personality, Preferences, Proficiencies, & Passion. P to the 4th power!
  • Diana created P4 because knowing these 4 things about yourself gives you power over the direction you take in life.
  • The first P is Personality.
  • You were born with your personality
  • Outside influences can stretch and alter your personality, but you feel it when it’s been stretched too far from who you truly are.
  • Assessments are great tools to help you understand your personality on a deeper level.
  • The DiSC assessment gives you a rich starting place for learning about your personality, temperament, and communication styles.
  • The 5 Love Languages assessment ( ) gives you insight into what you need to feel appreciated. It also reveals how you show appreciation.
  • Understanding the 5 Love Languages helps you communicate better with friends, at home, and on the job.
  • The Fascination Advantage assessment describes how the world sees you.
  • The Fascination Advantage gives you more vivid words to describe yourself.
  • Understanding your personality is the starting place for growth.
  • Each assessment you take gives you a glimpse into another area of your personality.

Stamp of Brilliance - You were born with the perfect personality for you – learn how to embrace it.