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Mar 14, 2016

Becky and Diana discuss the pitfalls and values of always looking for a new and better ways to do things.

  • Have you ever been caught up in someone else’s idea of “The Right Way” to do something?
  • Have you learned to trust your own “Right Way?”
  • Learning new things is valuable, as long as you can still hear and value your own voice.
  • The only way to be successful is to be your authentic self.
  • It takes courage to take what you learn and put your unique spin on it.
  • It is important to sift through all the information we’re exposed to daily and hang on to only the info that fuels your success.
  • You are your own Pot of Gold, how it manifests itself to you is determined by your season of life.
  • Never be afraid to make a wrong choice. It is just a lesson learned. You CAN change your mind.
  • When you embark on college or search for a new career, own your passions.
  • Find a major that lets you study what you are passionate about.
  • Identify and enhance the skills that let you match your passion to your work.
  • No one finds by following someone else’s dream – or- someone else’s path.
  • When people tell you, “You should,” remember they are biased by their own point-of-view and life experiences.
  • Always searching for a better way can keep you stuck.
  • You are here for a reason. Figure out your reason, and go after it your way


Stamp of Brilliance

You Are Your Own Pot of Gold