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Jan 18, 2022

Diana Bader and Becky Berry talk about their words of the year in this podcast episode! They choose words of the year as a means to focus their thoughts around their intentions for the coming year. In past years, Diana has selected bliss, blessed, and extraordinary, to name a few. She’s been doing this for ten years - she even had a word for the decade: impact.

The idea for the word of the year came from the book, Lifeword: Discover Your One Word to Leave a Legacy by Jon Gordon. Below is a link to the book.

Becky's been doing the word of the year exercise for three years. Her first word of the year was unleashed; her second was steady.

This year Becky has chosen Knowing and Diana has chosen Release.

Becky explains why she chose an affirmational word instead of an aspirational one. She also writes about this on her blog:

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