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Oct 19, 2021

The Missing Step? Savoring Our Work


On this episode of Uniquely Brilliant, Diana Bader and Becky Berry talk about the missing step in our work and personal lives.


Diana begins the episode by talking about a conversation she had with her son about how he was improving his life. She shared his experience of playing a video game where he and a friend  came to the conclusion that to get tasks done in life, we must break each part down into little pieces. 


We should also remember to look at where we came from, and the work we did to get where we are. When we forget to look back to where we came from and the steps we took to get to our end result, we are being dismissive of the work it took to get there. 


Becky summed up this process by naming it “chunk and reflect.”


When we review the work that brought us to our current place, we are supercharged going forward. It gives us a focused momentum because we understand where we came from and acknowledge what it took to get here. 


Also, when we take what we like and leave the rest, we move forward. We unbind ourselves from other people’s ideas and expectations and exercise agency in our choices. We let go of what isn't working. 


Reviewing our work forces us to pause. And, when we embrace the pause, we think more clearly while moving forward. 


The process? 

Review progress (How did we get here? What needs to change?), Savor that progress, then move forward to the next action or project.