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Sep 28, 2021


In this episode of Uniquely Brilliant, Diana Bader and Becky Berry discuss our absolute need for adequate sleep, how to get it, and the results of inadequate sleep.


Good sleep is critical to our bodies performing to the best of their abilities. 


Sleep protects both our physical and mental assets.


Even when we miss sleep and feel like we are doing ok, the lack of sleep will eventually catch up to us.


Our brains store what they learned during the day while they sleep. And, while we’re sleeping our brains also get some well-needed rest!


When we’re not sleeping enough, it’s impossible to be as productive as we could be. 


Yoga Nidra is a yoga practice that simulates what the brain does during sleep. It has said to be as refreshing as 8 hours of sleep. Here’s a 20-minute practice video:


Becky and Diana share how they feel after a night of no sleep. Diana says it's much harder to work out, and Becky says she feels heavy.


They discuss how we all function differently when it comes to sleep and our innate biorhythms.. Some people are morning people, and others function better at night - and that’s perfect. It is important that we understand our own biorhythms so we can respect them. 


Becky and Diana also discuss different ways to get to sleep. Diana does a guided meditation, while Becky reads on her Kindle. 


They share the concept of making a list of things to do to help us get to sleep. 


Sleep gives us the energy and brain power to handle whatever comes at us the next day!


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