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Sep 20, 2021

On this episode of Uniquely Brilliant Diana Bader and Becky Berry talk about the importance of play.

Lila is Diana’s word of the year. Lila, which means playful manifestation in Sanskrit. She shares how she is enacting its spirit.

They talk about the way spending 5 minutes in a day can change our outlook.

Becky shares three things you need to be productive: sleep, play, and then planning and guarding those things with your life.

What constitutes play? We may hear the word play and think, oh that sounds frustrating. Perhaps we’re thinking of  childhood games that everyone but you loved. Tag, anyone?

Play can be anything that you enjoy doing!

As Becky says, if you like cooking, then that is playing. If your favorite thing to do is run then that is play for you!

If you find joy in it, it’s play.

They talk about strategies to find your joy when you need a lift. Diana suggests making a playlists of songs you like to dance to and playing one of the songs to access that lift.

We need play to be more productive. Without the release of play, we cannot perform at our full potential.

We can train ourselves to look for playful moments.

Some playful things include coloring, doodling, watching funny videos, and sharing gifs with friends.

Schedule five minutes of play everyday!

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