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Sep 14, 2021

How do we know how to get to the next place when we don’t know what the next place is? 

Becky Berry and Diana Bader cover this question in this episode of Uniquely Brilliant.

Diana points out one way is to focus on the short term because we must get out of crisis mode and make a plan for the near future. 

Becky reminds us that we have to remember things are different and we must just get through things now, while Diana reminds us to let go of how things were before the pandemic. 

By letting go of the past we are able to move forwards, which leads to growth. Going backwards keeps us stuck and improves nothing. 

Fear and panic will not help us to move forward either.

Becky admits that going with the flow is not her natural mode, but she tells a story about her 85 year old mom going with the flow when the eye doctor told her she couldn't drive anymore. 

If you allow change to become an adventure and look at the opportunities presented in the moment, you can do things differently. 

Diana hints at a secret project she is involved in all because she was open to change and new opportunities.

You can’t go with the flow if you are weighed down by the past; And, if you fight the flow you’ll eventually be beaten down until you go with the flow or end up stuck where you are.

Diana shares this analogy: When you are on the water, you aren’t in charge of the water, so you just have to go with it.

Expressing agency (Becky’s favorite word) in these situations occurs when you know you are in charge of your actions and you go with the flow by thinking through things (instead of reacting) and trusting yourself and your experience.