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Sep 7, 2021

In this episode, Becky and Diana discuss what it's like to be living in today’s world, including questions like: How do we deal with the new reality of not knowing if you should hug people or fist bump?

Diana Bader talks about how everything is just a little disjointed. 

They discuss the importance of knowing how to ground yourself. Diana shares this sensory exercise for grounding: Identify five things you can see, four things you can hear, three things you can smell, two things you can touch, and one thing you can taste. Becky tries it on for size.

This exercise helps to bring you back to your senses. Plus breathing - always remember to breathe. 

Becky Berry mentions walking in the grass with bare feet to ground herself. 

They share their experiences around mental grounding and meditation. They observe that not everyone can visualize, so it's a great idea to use guided meditations or other meditations that work better for you.  

Shamanic Drumming and Humming on YouTube:

Today’s Tidbit

Find what soothes you when you’re feeling disjointed and out of sorts. It could be a bath, glass of wine, or meditative chants.