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Aug 24, 2021

Becky and Diana talk about all the ways people feel about talking.

Becky shares her experience in opening a second business (her coworking space for women, MAD! Workspace) and all of the feelings that go along with starting it up and keeping it going in a pandemic. 

She also talks about how she processes things through talking. She needs to hear the words coming out of her mouth to figure out what’s going on.

On the other hand, Diana is an introvert, so she doesn’t need to talk things out to process them. She likes to mull things over, then figure some of it out herself a little before she shares. And, when she does share, there are only a few people she wants to share her thoughts with - like  Becky and this entire audience. 

Diana points out that the difference between fear and excitement is breathing! Both emotions tap into the same place in the brain.

They also talk about the importance of making deep connections with people and how rare it is to make deep connections with new people. The problem in making deep connections is that it takes time. And those people are important to have around you so you don’t feel judged.

Diana talks about how she sometimes shuts down around people who are not open minded, and Becky reminds us that when we are ourselves, we find people who complement us.

They also address this question: What do you do if someone doesn't want to talk? They agree that the best way to get someone to open up with us is to create an environment of trust by being patient and asking good questions.

A key (and brave) question to ask? Why don’t you want to talk about it? 

Something to ponder: Small talk means I see you. It serves a valuable purpose in setting the table for deeper discussions and connection.