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May 25, 2021

Today Diana and Becky talk about how they get to do it (everything) differently!

It’s hard to remember to rephrase the idea from “having to do it differently” to “getting to do it differently” but it makes a big difference in our mindset. “I get to do it differently” indicates agency and choice.

They talk about VISION BOARDS!

Diana shares her new workout with The Exercise Coach and how it meets her goals and desires..

They both cover how we can all do things differently, and how feedback can be important for growth.

When we do it differently, we release any need to apologize or justify our actions.

The critical takeaway is that everyone’s different is - wait for it - different! Choosing to do anything differently also means figuring out our unique differences.

When we focus on strengthening our strengths instead of our weaknesses we own the power and value of our own experiences!

Pause a minute and reflect on how today was a success!