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Feb 9, 2021

  • Becky Berry and Diana Bader talk about how prolonged isolation doesn’t work for anyone.
  • Diana begins this episode by talking about Harry Harlow’s experiments with monkeys that proved everyone needs comfort, and without human contact, we fail to thrive. 
  • They also discuss the problem with texting: it’s just not the same as talking voice to voice.
  • Becky shares her strange birthday in the 8th week of quarantine, and talks about how she missed the human connection. 
  • Becky also confesses to being a good energy vampire (she magnifies the energy instead of taking it) because she needs people around her so she can recharge and connect.
  • Diana admits that, even as an introvert, she is also sick of being isolated. Together they discuss the need for hugs and real face-to-face time.
  • Becky has a hard time recharging without people while Diana becomes overcharged and very talkative when she finally does see people. There’s no balance - and no way to achieve it!
  • They both notice how it’s hard to feel like yourself when you are alone all of the time, and feel that interactions with people can become awkward. 
  • We all react differently to being alone all the time, but whether you get your people energy from Zoom meetings or texting, that soul connection that happens in face-to-face interactions is missing. Zoom does help a little because we can at least see people’s faces and hear their voices. 
  • Funerals and weddings have also become difficult because we can neither console or celebrate face-to-face. 
  • Becky and Diana also discuss what happens to the people who are thriving under these new conditions, like working from home, wondering how they’ll adapt when (or if) they return to the office. 
  • They both wonder what the future will hold. And what will the future hold? Will there be fear concerning reconnecting with each other? When we are able to see each other again on a regular basis, what will that look and feel like?
  • Spoiler Alert: Nobody knows.
  • Recorded 5/5/2020