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Feb 2, 2021

  • Nature, mindset, kids. It’s all covered in this episode.
  • Choosing to make it work is a daily choice. We can choose to make it work five or six times a day.
  • Even with friends, making it work is different now. By using FaceTime and Zoom for face-to-face calls, we can make it work.
  • magazine did an article about why Zoom calls are stressful. It’s because these meetings are not really face-to-face. They’re pseudo presence as opposed to real presence. We’re not sharing space – and it’s getting to Diana.
  • On the other hand, COVID has given us the brain space to notice nature more. And those moments give us joy.
  • Leaning in to the necessity of slowing down helps us make it work. Fighting yourself doesn’t help.
  • To make it work, we have to rest. We’re constantly accommodating new things, and our brains are muscles. They need a break!
  • Making it work can mean being creative by making do with what you have at home.
  • Deciding when to do something on our to-do lists helps get it done! When we add it to our calendars, we’re more likely to do it. #gretchenrubin
  • Becky’s favorite strategy is to write out the best and worst versions of life during quarantine. Completing this exercise creates a container for our anxiety and worries.
  • Making it work is all about grabbing onto the opportunities that appear in front of us - or, as Becky says, business as usual.
  • When we decide, we start to move forward.
  • When we decide to do something our brains help us find ways to get it done.
  • So whether we think we can or we can't do something, we're right! SMH (smack my head)