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Sep 2, 2018

Becky and Diana discuss how a change in perspective can change everything. 

  • Perspective is examining things from a particular point of view.
  • Sometimes we need to change our perspective on a task before we can successfully accomplish it.
  • Since other people’s perspectives can shift ours, it’s important to cultivate people with the right perspectives.
  • When we experience success in a venture, it can shift our perspective.
  • When we want someone to shift – or we want to shift - we have to give or take the time and space to allow the shift to happen.
  • Creating or finding a catalyst can help us shift.
  • It’s important to be aware of and recognize when we need to shift.
  • Reading books, watching videos and movies, seeking education, and being aware and open help all expand our perspective.
  • Not everyone wants a perspective change.
  • When we feel stuck, it’s usually a sign that we need a new perspective.

Stamp of Brilliance:  Poll for perspective instead of approval.