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Jul 14, 2018


Becky and Diana examine how we set ourselves up to fail. 

  • It’s never intentional.
  • We over estimate our resources.
  • Things either fall away because they have to or we can choose to let them go.
  • We often take an all or nothing attitude.
  • There is never a perfect time to do anything, so what can you do now to change things up?
  • Sometimes we have to focus on what is working and move forward from there.
  • We stay stuck out of stubbornness because we know we can do it all eventually, but do we really have to? And do we have to it this way?
  • We have to shift our mindset so we can recognize what is not working.
  • We can create a catalyst to create a shift.
  • Too often we find ourselves thinking: If it matters to me, and I matter to you, it should matter to you too. (Ummmm…not if you haven’t communicated it to me clearly!)