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May 3, 2018


Becky and Diana host their friend and sister coach, Tonya Harvey. They have a lively discussion about their words-of-the-year and a general overview of how their year is going. The podcast was simulcast as a Facebook Live video session and can be found on 

  • Picking an annual word keeps our main focus top of mind.
  • When we do stream of consciousness writing, our brains clear and make room for the intentions behind our focus word.
  • Choosing a word-of-the-year helps our brain shift and see things differently.
  • When we choose one word or concept to focus on, it’s easier to maintain that focus all year long.
  • Once we say out loud that we want change, the change begins.
  • Sharing our successes is key to building more successes.
  • Taking one day at a time keeps us present amongst chaos.
  • Our annual word helps us tame expectations.
  • The words we choose as our focus help give us the discipline to move with the currents of life, ie, surf!