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Mar 23, 2018

Becky and Diana talk about how saying yes to opportunities has influenced their lives, and how it can influence yours, too. 

  • If we don’t say Yes to an opportunity right away, sometimes the opportunity keeps knocking until we do.
  • Saying Yes helps us expand our lives.
  • Sometimes we are nudged into a Yes because someone else sees an opportunity that we can’t.
  • “Live A Yes!” Is just another way of saying “Take a chance.”
  • Trust your instincts before you let your brain talk you out of an opportunity.
  • Saying Yes requires trusting ourselves and other people.
  • The more we live Yes lives, the easier it becomes to say Yes.
  • Living a Yes life isn't always about saying Yes.
  • It is easier to say Yes to things that align with our values.
  • To pull yourself out of a funk, try saying “Yes” and see if it changes your mood.