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Mar 16, 2018

Episode 114: Control vs Agency


Becky teaches Diana about the value of agency and how it empowers us.


  • Agency gives us more choice about the direction of our path.
  • Believing in agency is a mindset.
  • Agency gives us independence.
  • We get to ask ourselves, “What can I influence?”
  • When we have agency over our lives we can take back our power.
  • Agency can’t be conferred; it has to be claimed.
  • Agency allows us to make empowered choices.
  • It gives us the confidence to take a risk and the ability to rebound if we fail.
  • In relationships, agency allows us to empower and support those around us, instead of trying to control them.
  • Removing the element of control from relationships gives them room to grow and flourish.
  • With agency we don’t feel attached to a particular outcome.