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Mar 7, 2018

Becky and Diana share how podcasts have influenced their lives. 

  • Hack The Entrepreneur was Becky’s gateway into podcasts. It taught her she was awesome just as she is.
  • Doing the Uniquely Brilliant podcast helped Diana find her voice.
  • There are tons of rich content in podcasts.
  • Podcasts help us find people who get us.
  • Podcasts are like radio on demand.
  • There are all types of amazing nuggets of information hidden in podcasts.
  • Podcasts help us connect with people we never imagined we could.
  • Podcasts are one of the last free platforms for content.
  • Podcasts enhance the growth mindset.
  • To find a podcast that you might enjoy, research actors, authors, and business leaders or by topics like humor.