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Feb 14, 2018

Diana and Becky discuss their words for the year: Wonder and Steady and how they deploy the words to keep them on track. 

  • Diana’s word-of-the-year is Wonder.
  • Becky’s word-of-the-year is Steady.
  • Expectation is the opposite of wonder because it pre-supposes an outcome.
  • Wonder gives us the freedom to allow things to unfold.
  • Having a framework for making decisions helps us capture the wonder in our lives.
  • Some of us feel like we need rigid structure and miss out on wonder and the possibilities it offers.
  • Wonder grows in a flexible structure.
  • Expectations make our world smaller.
  • Wonder can be a concrete thought or a sense.
  • Expectations skew our perspective because when things don’t meet our expectations, we find ourselves automatically assuming they’re bad.
  • Steady implies movement, where settle implies stuck.
  • Our words-of-the-year help us stay focused and deflate the influence of expectations.