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Feb 3, 2018


Becky Berry and Diana Bader share their memories of  people who have influenced them over the course of their lives and whose words and actions continue to influence them.

  • Random and simple acts can have a big influence on our lives. We may never know how what we say or do for other people impacts their lives.
  • A smile or words of gratitude can change another person’s day, week, year, or life.
    The people who taught us invaluable skills also opened doors to experiences we could not imagine at the time.
  • The influencers who showed us new perspectives changed how we looked at the world.
  • The people who believed in us and stood up for us when we couldn’t handle a situation by ourselves impacted our lives for a lifetime even if we don’t realize it at the time.
  • Influencers aren’t voices in our heads giving us opinions and telling us what we “should” do.
  • True influencers hold up a mirror that reflects our best selves back to us. They see who we really are, accept us, and show us how we can become a little bit more us.