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Jan 25, 2018

Becky and Diana discuss how our experiences give us a chance to grow as we move forward each day. 

  • We get to choose what experiences we bring forward with us.
  • We don’t have to resolve everything from our past. We can simply let go of some things.
  • To determine if something is holding us back we can ask, “Is this serving who I am now?”
  • Experiences only become negative when they impede our forward progress.
  • Sometimes the biggest jerks are carrying the biggest loads and don’t know they can put it down.
  • Can we give ourselves the same kind of relentless grace we give others?
  • Feeling out of balance is a sign that we need to examine what we’re carrying around from our past.
  • Blame and shame are default ways of thinking that make our experiences heavier than they need to be.
  • We’re fighting our own nature and instincts when we let go of things. Our brains evolved to look for danger by responding to negative input. Meditating helps us fight against that instinct.
  • If we keep moving forward, much of the junk we carry with us will fall away on its own.