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Jan 15, 2018

Diana Bader and Becky Berry talk about the pros and cons of letting things stick to us – including our ideas about life and death. It’s also an episode about letting go of the things that hold you back. 

  • It’s good to examine the things that we hold on to tightly. Perhaps there are some we hold on to too tightly.
  • Velcro is cool because it can be repositioned and reused – just like our experiences.
  • We can find ourselves attached to other people’s expectations which can lead to our becoming detached from our true selves.
  • We can tell we’re inappropriately attached to something when hanging on to it causes undue stress and hardship.
  • Pretending we’re moving is a great way to get rid of things we’re no longer attached to without actually having to move!
  • Sometimes we become so attached to ideas that we forget to re-assess them as our lives progress.
  • When an attachment to an idea or outcome has us in its grasp, they become self-limiting.
  • It’s important to get our attachments aligned with where we are in our lives right now.
  • Re-examining our attachment to ideas, things, places, and people can lead us to new insights.
  • We don’t have to destroy attachments that hold us back. Many times we just need to attach to them in a different way.