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Sep 17, 2017

Becky and Diana identify things that hold us back and provide solutions to beat them back! 

  • Fear is at the core of much of what holds us back.
  • Future-casting is worrying about what could happen and projecting our fear into the future in a way that keeps us from moving forward.
  • When we are not willing to share our concerns and thoughts with others, we may be afraid of hearing other perspectives.
  • We have to get the nonproductive stuff out of our heads.
  • We often have expectations, or take on those of other people, that hold us back.
  • Sometimes we surround ourselves with the wrong people and end up with the wrong voices in our heads.
  • Not knowing what we want can keep us stuck where we are.
  • When something is holding you back, ask yourself, “Is this real?” “Is it true?”
  • Whose time are you living on?