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Aug 14, 2017

Becky and Diana discuss the importance of acknowledging and owning our wins. 

  • Somewhere in the growing-up process we are taught that boasting and being proud of ourselves is the same thing. It’s not!
  • It’s critical to both recognize a compliment and give it value.
  • If we don’t own our wins we stay stuck where we are, particularly at work.
  • The negative conversations in our heads block out the compliments.
  • Creating Win Jars gives us a place to capture our wins so we can revisit them when we need encouragement.
  • Also, creating a fan mail file containing all the emails, notes, compliments we’ve received gives us another place to reacquaint ourselves with our wins.
  • When we receive compliments, they are the truth. The negative voices in our heads that create self-doubt are the lies.
  • We must create a habit of positive response to compliments, so that we internalize our successes.
  • When we are aware of our wins, we will experience more of them!