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Aug 7, 2017

Becky and Diana continue to explore David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done, this time focusing on planning a project. 

  • Project - An outcome that requires more than one step.
  • 90% of the work we do each day should be the next step of a project.
  • We tend to react to our day instead of planning it out.
  • Establishing a purpose for a project drives it and keeps it going.
  • “People love to win. If you’re not totally clear about the purpose of what you’re doing, you have no game to win.” – David Allen
  • In order for a multi-person project to work, everyone needs to agree on the vision (the intended outcome).
  • A strong vision gives us an idea of what our completed project will look like.
  • Brainstorming allows us to generate many ideas to work from.
  • When we capture our brainstorming, we have even more ideas.
  • Organize only to the detail that you need to.
  • Plans are not always linear.
  • Reviewing the plan is a key piece of planning.