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Apr 30, 2017

In the 3rd and final part of their series on innovation, Becky and Diana talk about incremental innovation. 

  • Incremental innovation is the art of tweaking.
  • When we have Uniquely Brilliant minds, we’re naturally inclined to innovative thinking.
  • Businesses are looking for people who can improve upon things without reinventing them.
  • Many of us who are Uniquely Brilliant can identify problems and see solutions other people cannot even imagine.
  • Some innovators do a lot of internal processing before they share their ideas, while others present their ideas proceed to process them out loud.
  • Innovation can only take place when there’s space to talk about it and then space for people to embrace it on their own terms.
  • As innovators, when we identify the pain points that people are experiencing, it helps those people connect with our ideas.
  • We coaches use innovation to help our clients become the best versions of themselves that they can right now.
  • It’s critical to detach from the outcome when we share innovative ideas.
  • Incremental innovation is about aging ideas and allowing them to come to fruition in their own time instead of ours.