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Apr 2, 2017

Becky and Diana discuss what it is like to be stuck and what to do about it. 

  • We stay stuck because we are numb to the pain we’re in.
  • When we’re first stuck, we thrash around and fight it. But if nothing changes we give up.
  • We stay stuck when we lack the imagination and trust to believe there’s another way out or through our situation.
  • Visualization is a great way to move towards getting unstuck.
  • Neural plasticity in our brains creates neural circuits and new connections in the brain which allows us to change both our thinking and the way our brains work.
  • Sometimes we have to put aside aside things when we’re stuck and pick them up at a later date.
  • When we choose what we know over what could be, we are assuming that there are no better choices out there for us.
  • We often create a gap in understanding our potential and the possibilities out there in the world that prevents us from moving forward.
  • Numb is not a passive state; it constantly drains your energy.
  • It takes some kind of catalyst, even something as small as a thought, to propel us out of stuck.
  • While getting unstuck is usually not pleasant, the end result is!