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Mar 27, 2017

Becky and Diana talk about the difficulties that ensue when we take critiques and mistakes personally.

  • When someone criticizes your work, do you feel like they’re criticizing you?
  • It can be hard to separate ourselves from our work, but we must.
  • We need to maintain space between who we are and the work do so we can maintain our objectivity.
  • We are not the products/ work we create.
  • Taking things personally is like donning one heavy coat for every critical comment and carrying them around with us!
  • One of the most effective skills to develop for handling critiques and mistakes is to have a short memory. Quarterbacks do not stomp out of the stadium after a bad pass!
  • We don’t need to poll others for approval.
  • Being professional means accomplishing the role we’ve accepted in our jobs along with their standards and then performing to those standards. We are not the job.
  • When we take everything personally, we stop taking risks and stop growing.
  • The Learning Zone – where we grow by making mistakes, listening to critiques, and develop the understanding that we’re not failures.