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Mar 11, 2017

Becky and Diana explore the concept of surrender. 

  • Surrender is a loaded word for many and can be misconstrued as giving up.
  • Surrender allows you to release your grip on a particular situation.
  • Surrendering to a plan gives you the space to find out if it works.
  • Surrendering to a plan is an effective way to stomp down resistance to change.
  • Surrendering to the boundaries of a situation creates focus so you can follow the course.
  • Measuring progress and seeing results makes it easier to surrender.
  • We can forget that we have surrendered before and succeeded.
  • We tend to spend more energy fighting a situation that would have worked better if we surrendered.
  • We can fall into a Lack mentality when we resist giving in.
  • Surrendering in one area gives you space to focus on other things.