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Oct 30, 2016


Becky and Diana encourage you to treat the opportunities in your life like a big bag of Halloween candy. Focus on the ones you like.

  • A great way to choose your opportunities is to sort, organize, and trade.
  • Be aware of a “Lack Mentality.” That there’s not enough.
  • People compensate for feeling like they don’t have enough by creating a façade that looks like they do.
  • In a Lack Mentality, we approach life as if we are in costume.
  • The Lack Mentality teaches us to attract what external influences say we need, not what our true selves need.
  • Giving up the Lack Mentality makes room for what you want and need.
  • Things that take up physical space also take up mental space. That’s why cleaning out closets is so rewarding.
  • Coaches are great at helping you sort, organize, and create a plan for delegating, especially when life gets overwhelming.