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Aug 22, 2016

Becky and Diana give you strategies for finding your personal tribe and explain why you need one. 

  • Your personal tribe consists of the handful of people you get close to, and that help you grow. Your work tribe consists of the people at work who get you and support you. Your business tribe consists of those people you are targeting so you can grow your message.
  • Isolation can lead to early mortality.
  • The word “friend” has been cheapened and devalued from its original meaning due to social media’s overuse. So its definition has been dulled over time.
  • True friendship consists of a reciprocal, deep, and connected relationship, where you can not only be your real self, but you are encouraged and respected for it.
  • Why build a tribe? For support, to glean other perspectives, and to be heard.
  • Pay attention to people who are curious about you and trying to engage with you. They could be the next great member of your tribe.
  • To connect with others to expand your tribe, get curious about them, ask questions, and say “Yes” to invitations.
  • Find your tribe where you find people who have something in common with you.
  • Learn from missed opportunities to connect.
  • You don’t have to like everybody; you just have to learn how to deal with them.