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Aug 15, 2016

Becky and Diana challenge the idea that Unique Brilliance is just a gift. They believe it is a set of skills you can use to set you apart and stand out in a positive way. 

  • When you are Uniquely Brilliant you automatically have a stellar tool box.
  • Gifts are things you stick on a shelf, tools are things you use.
  • Your tools are assets that can help you build the life you
  • Companies value people who can identify problems and come up with unique ways to solve them. Uniquely brilliant people can do both.
  • Nothing great ever came from following a straight line.
  • The framework you create by taking advantage of your tools is the platform from which to build your life.
  • When you don’t use your tools, you limit yourself.
  • When you are comfortable with yourself, it makes it easier to assimilate to new situations by helping others understand and find value in you and what you do.
  • What does the life you want look like?
  • Balance your life by gathering groups of people who complement your abilities.

Stamp of Brilliance


use your gifts as tools to build the life you want