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Aug 8, 2016

Becky and Diana talk about how to use every piece of your experience and knowledge to create your best life.


  • McGyvering your life means that you repurpose your experiences and skills in creative ways to create the life you want.
  • Build your life based on the pieces you already have.
  • Recognize that your skills have more than one purpose.
  • Your soft skills are most versatile.
  • Build your skills and experience by exploring different subjects.
  • Being able to see life differently is your most valuable tool.
  • We thrive and grow on innovation.
  • Connect your knowledge base to your problems to create solutions.
  • Curiosity is an asset.
  • If other people are telling you, “You’re Crazy!” you’re probably onto something. 

Stamp of Brilliance

Your experiences, skills, and tools you are born with, are your Swiss Army knife for life.

McGyver Your LIfe