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Jul 11, 2016

Becky and Diana tackle the concept of life’s smelly little lessons, and give you strategies to handle them.

  • Smelly Little Life Lessons come in three flavors: External, Personal Dynamics, and Individual Characteristics.
  • External – From outside forces that you have absolutely no control over.
  • Personal Dynamics – From things that happen directly to you that realign your world.
  • Individual Characteristics – From things you bring to the table that make up your Unique Brilliance.
  • SLLL’s give communities opportunities to come together in ways that may not have been obvious when things were at status quo.
  • The 5 stages of grief accompany all SLLL’s.
  • You have the choice to learn the lesson!
  • It is important to feel the lesson, but not wallow in it, to learn the lesson.
  • Find what thing or action will shift so you can move beyond the SLLL.
  • Learn to accommodate for your own Unique Brilliance.


Friends take the stink out of Smelly Little Life Lessons!