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Jun 6, 2016

Becky and Diana discuss the negative effect that All or Nothing thinking has on your success.

All or Nothing thinking is about having a preconceived outcome for a situation.

  • The focus is solely on the outcome, causing you to miss the process, learning, adventure, and other possible, often better, opportunities.
  • It’s similar to the ideology, “My way or the highway.”
  • When subscribing to this thought process, you tend to settle for what is instead of being open to what could be.
  • Being “All In” is not the same as “All or Nothing.”
  • All or Nothing thinking frequently leads to paralysis and is used as an excuse to not start.
  • Even baby steps count when you’re stuck.
  • The road to success is to just start and keep moving.
  • Approach your choices as versions that can be learned from and tweaked instead of done deals.

Stamp Of Brilliance

When you’re in “All or Nothing” mode, you’re concentrating on the outcome so you miss the process, learning, and growth that can happen with a more flexible approach.